Events & Awards

Lecture at the Triple Conference on Text and Space Geometry at Amirkabir University in Arak              / 2020 / Arak-IRAN

Tourist Development Company Design Competition / Winner of the fourth place                              / 2006 / Tehran IRAN

Identity in Iranian Architecture in Conversation with the Contemporary World / Pouyeh Magazine  / 2018 / Tehran-IRAN

Lecture at Athar-Arak on the contemporary architecture and urban planning in Iran and the world         / 2019 / Arak-IRAN

Receiving the license of top producer in the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Minister of Industry   / 2017 / Tehran-IRAN

Receiving the Appreciation of the top producer in the Markazi Province of Iran from the governor     / 2017 / Arak-IRAN

General writings and news of the NISST Architecture group

P.G.M.I.S.E.Z Zone Entrance Design Competition / Top Rated Award                                                  / 2003 / Tehran-IRAN

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